Fayetteville Firefighters Scholarship Fund

Fayetteville Firefighters Scholarship Fund

Posted by admin in Beneficiaries 11 Sep 2016


That’s how much money the Fayetteville Firefighter’s donated to students for scholarships last semester.  Every semester students associated with the Fayetteville Fire Department can apply for a $300 scholarship towards their education.  They strive to not leave any student in need: as long as they’re in school and making progress towards a degree, they can have the scholarship for up to 10 semesters.  

Jacob Thompson was one of the students to receive the scholarship from the fire department.  Jacob’s dad was a firefighter and he knew from age 4 or 5 that he wanted to be a fire fighter too.  So, Jacob applied for the scholarship and studied fire science at NWACC for two years.  In March, Jacob was hired to be one of the newest members of the Fayetteville Fire Department and his hard work finally paid off.  

Thank you runners supporting the Fayetteville Firefighter’s Scholarship Fund.  You’re helping students in our community achieve their dreams.  


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