Fayetteville Public Education Foundation

Fayetteville Public Education Foundation

Posted by admin in Beneficiaries 14 Aug 2016

Last Sunday, we announced a series of posts about the wonderful beneficiaries of the Hero Half Marathon!  (Click here to read the original article, Why the Hero Half Marathon?)

The first non-profit we’re spotlighting is the Fayetteville Public Education Foundation, www.fayedfoundation.org.

The mission of the Fayetteville Public Education Foundation is to raise private funds for resources, programs and opportunities that are not available to our students through the district’s normal operating budget.

In short, this foundation supports teachers and staff of Fayetteville Public Schools and makes their educational dreams a reality.  Since public schools must operate with a strict budget, there typically isn’t additional money for teachers to take the extra step in their classroom.  If a teacher has a compelling idea that would help students reach their full potential and all the teacher needs is financial support to make it happen, then they can apply for a grant from the Fayetteville Public Education Foundation to see their idea brought to life.  Some of these teachers great ideas… (Click here to see the full 2014-2015 Annual Report.)

Measuring Waves Ramay Jr. High science teacher LouAnn Hays needed a way to engage her students while learning about airwaves, so she was rewarded with AirZookas- an air vortex cannon that fires invisible, donut shaped air vortices.  The students used the AirZookas to measure speed and distance of air travel- after creating the air themselves! 
Elementary Stem Makers Lab A Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math lab for K-5 graders at Leverett Elementary
Creating the Perfect Costume Sewing machines for classes to prepare students to be college ready in costume Design and Technology, Family and Consumer Sciences, and Fashion Merchandising
Medical Detectives: Solving “Cases” through Math and Science Medical and crime scene materials to increase critical thinking and problem solving for students at Holt, McNair, and Owl Creek schools
Leader in Me Students at Vandergriff to participate in Leader in Me a program based on Stephen Covey’s book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.


  • $17,000 in scholarships through the Foundation’s endowment, providing our current and former FHS seniors the opportunity to attend college and advance their careers.
  • $198,000 in grants through the Foundation’s endowment. Grants to our teachers are pioneering and innovative, academically enriching education and improving student outcomes.
  • $327,000 through donations and grants from local businesses, individuals, and community organizations that want to provide a sound investment in the future of our students.

We’re so happy to be able to support the Fayetteville Public Education Foundation- they’re doing tremendous work helping our teachers create the best classroom environment and curriculum they can.  By running the Hero Half Marathon, you’re supporting the Fayetteville Public Education Foundation too.  Help us help the community!  Don’t forget race day is Sunday, October 9th- we’ll see you there!

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