HHM Runner: Caleb Eytcheson

HHM Runner: Caleb Eytcheson

Posted by admin in HHM Runner Stories 22 Aug 2016

Caleb Eytcheson

Caleb is a firefighter with the Ponca City Fire Department and ran the Hero Half Marathon in 2015!

When did you start running? I started running in high school during baseball my senior year I got in trouble and my coach had me run 10 miles a day for a week. I found out I was good at it and it was peaceful so I actually enjoyed it. 

How many races have you run? This was my first and only half marathon. I’ve been in several 5Ks including a summer 5K series. 

Favorite post race indulgenceDefinitely a nice cold beer!!

Morning or evening runs? Evening runs, I don’t do very well at waking up and getting going so I have to be awake for hours before I take off. 

Do you prefer to run alone or with a partner? Alone, I use it as my time to think and listen to podcast. 

I can’t run without…Podcast. For some reason they are extremely interesting to me and I can’t run without having some loaded up. 

How do you choose what races you want to run? Whenever I’m off work and location. I like Fayetteville and used the race as an excuse for a vacation. 

What is your most memorable race? Hero Half Marathon

What motivates you to keep running? Being healthy and the idea of doing something I thought would be impossible. 

Tell me about your experience running the HHM. It was a great time! Scenic and perfect weather. 

How did you prepare physically and mentally? Physically I slowly increased my weekly miles over the course of the summer ahead of time. Mentally I just told myself I could do it. 

What were your thoughts when you were crossing the finish line? That last hill SUCKED!!

What does the Hero Half Marathon mean to you? Great time! I’ll do it again. 

Thank you for your service and participating in the Hero Half Marathon, Caleb! You’re our motivation and the reason we do what we do!

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