HHM Runner: Cameron Crane

HHM Runner: Cameron Crane

Posted by admin in HHM Runner Stories 19 Sep 2016

Cameron Crane was the overall winner of the first Hero Half Marathon in 2014!! What an accomplishment!  Read Cameron’s story below!

When did you start running? I started running in Junior high school when I could run the fastest mile in my gym class, so I joined the track team.  I really got into running in college when I made friends with the cross country team, and got pulled along on some great runs at a faster pace than I would have chosen myself.

How many races have you run? Probably 25 or so, most of them 5ks.  The last few years I usually do a couple 10ks and half marathons a year.
Favorite post race indulgence? Beer, preferably beer and a Hugo’s burger.
Morning or evening runs? ​Evening runs, except when the boss wants me to work late, which means morning runs most of the time
Do you prefer to run alone or with a partner? Alone
I can’t run without…Sunglasses
How do you choose what races you want to run? I look for races that are nearby and have a fun atmosphere
What motivates you to keep running? It is a good form of meditation that also keeps you in shape
You were the first ever winner of the Hero Half Marathon!  What were you thinking when you crossed the finish line?  I was very surprised to be first to finish, I was thinking something like ” so this is what its like to finish first” and “that was a big hill”.
Tell me about your experience running the HHM. The volunteers at the aid stations, start, and finish were very encouraging and helpful.  ​It was a lot of fun; it was my first half marathon race and I never planned on winning it when I started the race, so it was a very surprising and new experience.  I think the course is the best around in terms of terrain and beauty.  
What is your most memorable race? Probably the 2014 Hero Half race.

Thank you so much for supporting the Hero Half Marathon Cameron! Happy Running!

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