HHM Runner: Julie Andreasen

HHM Runner: Julie Andreasen

Posted by admin in HHM Runner Stories 05 Sep 2016

Julie Andreasen

Runner Julie Andreasen traveled all the way from Springville, UT to run the 2015 Hero Half Marathon!! Read her story below…

When did you start running? 
I started running in high school. I was on the cross country and track teams because my older sister (Crystal-who I ran the HHM with) talked me into it.  I honestly mostly just goofed off, I was never very serious, but I liked the feel of a good workout. I got serious about running in 2009 after graduating college and moving to a new town for my husband’s career. I struggled to find a job for myself and was bored so running was a good hobby for me. It also became great therapy for me as we struggled with infertility, through several adoptions, and then more recently through infertility treatments. 

How many races have you run? The Hero Half was my tenth half marathon. (It’s my favorite distance!) I have also run two full marathons, numerous 5k’s and smaller races, and several team relays.

Favorite post race indulgenceChocolate milk and a big juicy cheeseburger!

Morning or evening runs? Whatever I can fit in! I have two very active little boys so I often have to run in the morning, but if I’m training for an early spring race I will run in the afternoon/evening so it’s not as cold and dark!

Do you prefer to run alone or with a partner? Alone, unless it’s with my sister. I don’t like the worry of slowing someone down or going too fast for them. We have a good rhythm even though I am way taller and she has to take two steps for every one of mine, lol.  

I can’t run without… Music! And some candy in my pocket for a little energy burst 🙂

How do you choose what races you want to run? I mostly choose races close to home but organization is important to me also. I want good aid stations,  energetic start and finish line, and good SWAG!   If I run a race I really love I keep repeating it. 🙂

What is your most memorable race? Probably the Ogden Marathon. It was my second full marathon and I trained REALLY hard (compared to the first which I just sort of did with out training—not recommended!). It was a cold drizzle the entire race, but I felt so great!! I didn’t stop at all and I made my goal time with six minutes to spare! It was such a proud, exhilarating feeling, and this was another one I did with my sister Crystal, those are always the best races!

What motivates you to keep running? I always tell people that running is cheaper than therapy! It has helped me through so many struggles, particularly infertility. There is nothing so tough that a good run can’t help me put it into perspective and work it out. Also, I love trying to get better. I don’t care about winning, but I LOVE to earn a new PR for myself! Recently my kids have kept me running too. Sometimes their energy drives me crazy and it’s a nice break for myself. Also, I’ve starting including them in my runs, signing them up for kid k’s and bringing them along on their bikes on training runs…it’s becoming a family event and I love that we share a love of something active and healthy!

You traveled the farthest to run the 2015 Hero Half Marathon!  All the way from Utah!  Tell me about your experience running the HHM.  How did you hear about the HHM?  Did you fly here? What did you think of Northwest Arkansas? My sister moved from Utah to Arkansas to Utah a few years ago for her husband’s Phd school. We have run many races together and even trained together for a lot of my most memorable races. She had a baby at the end of 2014 and wanted to lose the weight, and I wanted to visit so we decided to run a half together when I came out. We googled races, found the HHM and I planned my trip around the race. I flew out a few days before the race. I’ll be honest, I was much more excited about visiting with my sister and her cute little munchkins than actually running. Me and my husband were about to start our first IVF cycle so I hadn’t trained in months because it screws all of that up and I wanted the best chances. (Don’t worry, it was worth it because our IVF worked and we’re expecting twins in just a few weeks!) Luckily, my sis trained half-heartedly too so we just decided to make it a fun race rather than a fast one! And it was SO FUN. The energy at the starting line was great, I felt so pumped. And Arkansas is beautiful! I’m a snob about loving my mountain home, but I have to admit that the trees and hills in AR are amazing, especially in the fall! The race was really fun despite being the slowest race I’ve ever run due to my lack of training and the humidity (yuck!!) but I had a blast being with my sister and I loved watching the firefighters run in full gear, what superheroes! 

Julie- you are a rockstar!! Thank you for traveling so far for the Hero Half Marathon and BIG CONGRATS on having twins! 

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