HHM Runners: Brittney and Grant Skelton

HHM Runners: Brittney and Grant Skelton

Posted by admin in HHM Runner Stories 12 Sep 2016


Brittney & Grant ran the Hero Half Marathon in 2015!  We love seeing couples running together and showing their children how fun it is to be active!

When did you start running? We’ve both always been athletic but never pursued running until 5 years ago when Brittney ran the Cancer Challenge and struggled to finish the 5k without walking. It became her goal to work towards another 5k that she could fully run and enjoy. We started running together and it wasn’t long before we were addicted and challenging ourselves to achieving PRs and racing longer distances. We’ve been running and taking on new race challenges since!

How many races have you run? we could think of 53 races that we’ve run 

Favorite post race indulgence? Chick Fila A or a good beer 

Morning or evening runs?  
Grant: I generally run on lunch during the week because that’s when time allows.
Brittney: I love my morning runs with my training partners. We’re generally up and done before the sun comes up.
Both: We’re either at races or on group long runs during weekend mornings. 

How long have you been running together? It’s our 5 year run-iversary this year!

Do you always do training runs together? No, actually we rarely get to do training runs together because we have two young kiddos and alternate training schedules. However we get in date runs as often as possible! Our oldest, Grahm, is also starting to show interest in running so we’ve been getting in some family runs too. 

I can’t run without…
Grant: eating a banana before 
Brittney: my GPS for sure

How do you choose what races you want to run? We love a race with a good cause, where we know our entry is going to help someone or benefit a community. We are also very involved in our local running community so we also have a lot of races we run every year as tradition (and of course a goal to PR!), and adding in a destination or new race to keep things exciting is important. 

What motivates you to keep running? It’s something we enjoy doing together and helps us show our kids a healthy lifestyle (and keep up with them!). We’re constantly motivating each other to go faster and further at road races.  But also throwing in some crazy race events to keep things fun like glow runs, trail runs, and themed runs in silly costumes. 

Tell me about your experience running the HHM. We really enjoyed the route through Fayetteville. Brittney had an injury around mile 8 which made for an interesting race finish but we pushed through and conquered the lovely hill at the end. We’re thinking our hill repeat training group is going to benefit us in this regard ha! After we were done, we stayed and cheered on those coming through the finish file – we were amazed at the firefighters finishing the race in full gear. Very motivational!

What is your most memorable race? The Williams Route 66 Marathon, our first full marathon. We took a picture every mile to document the experience. 

Thanks for running the Hero Half Marathon Brittney & Grant!  What an awesome marathon collage!!
route 66 marathon 2015 first marathon

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